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Vegetable garden yoga

This week, when I go to bed, I see this:

Then you go to sleep peacefully, or what?

The next morning it’s just as beautiful. All fields under water, that’s good for the plants and bad for the pests such as langoustines and you name something else that eats up the young plants. Frogs love the water, and start practicing gently for their time in the spotlight. At around eleven in the morning, the first brave ones start to croaking- time for me to stop my yoga exercises.

Yoga exercises in the vegetable garden

No, not what you think. I don’t really practice with plants, seeds or whatever else is involved in a vegetable garden. I’m doing the weeding. Son Broes mainly does the sowing and supervising small plants. But weeding my weeds is successful, look at this first one:

Weeding is best done early in the morning

It’s not getting boiling hot right now – it’s still early in the year, but spring is clearly looking forward to it.
Everything wakes up – bees, frogs, lemon balm, clovers; plenty of butterflies already fluttering around.

Those white ones eat cabbage, as a caterpillar especially, but I don’t mind, because we don’t do cabbage. We tried chard (also a cabbage type) last year, and portuguese cabbage (a bit like chinese paksoi), but it was not popular. The paksoi is now blooming profusely. As far as I’m concerned, the butterflies can go about their business there, even in their first caterpillar stage.

Eat well, caterpillar Never Enough! The chickens will find you though!

There are 10 huge flowering cabbage plants, I bet you can’t eat them all.

Vegetable gardens is very relaxing. Although you also have to make an effort….

You could call it vegetable garden yoga, because in order not to step on the just-sown seeds – and thus cause an ecological lil disaster – you have to do your best to tear out that miserable grass, which suddenly appears everywhere and takes all the food away.

Now we can have the neighbors’ horse droppings (they don’t know where to take them) so that’s great, because horse droppings are the best food for your plants. You shouldn’t think about that too long, otherwise you’ll no longer like your tomatoes.

But weeds also like horse droppings very much

Hence my morning exercises in the vegetable garden. Vegetable garden yoga.
During yoga you’re not supposed to think at all, so vegetable garden yoga is the best variation I can think of. Physical exercise, meditation, and investment in your future menu – all in one!

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