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Happy Easter in April

The title says it all: have a nice Easter weekend everyone, have a good rest – hopefully the weather will be nice for you.

April has just started. An April-Easter is the best!

The most beautiful month of the year. I wish I could also let you smell how this wisteria delights our part of the world with its presence, but unfortunately that’s not yet one of the technical possibilities.

The whole village smells of wisteria and orange blossom, and the strangest thing is: we keep on smelling it! Normally your receptors get full, don’t they? But ok, no complaints about that!

One wakes up with singing birds (dusk because that weird summer time has struck again) and around 11 the little froggies start. In a little while, the whole valley will be full of them. With frogs, ánd storks.

Til next week! A sunny greeting and lots of love!

(down under the photo you’ll find a little surprise …)


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