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Once upon a time …. but only in mosaic

If you’ve done as much with fairy tales as we have, you start looking at it differently. We have immortalized not only the most famous fairy tales or fairy tale themes in mosaic, but also the much less known ones.

These are of course much more challenging to capture in mosaic

“Yesyes, I’ll go. Don’t worry. But note: I do not wholeheartedly do it. This is the umpteenth time …”

He throws the phone on the bed in exasperation, and says to his butler: “Well, I’m going to need my equipment and my green suit. That is less noticeable among those thorn bushes, and then it can be taken to the gardener. He can wear it while working in the gardens.”

“But of course, Your Highness,” says the butler, without showing any further contempt for this last – in his eyes bourgeois – comment.

The prince walks out the door to go to the stable

The umpteenth sleeping princess. He can dream it now. Thorn bushes, moat, dragon, sleeping princess, kiss, grateful lady, happily ever after.

Only the latter, that’ll not happen this time. The last time he thought it was really too long, that happily ever after. Glad there was a call for help from the next princess in distress …

With some regularity a few friends come along to mosaic

That is very pleasant. Very nice to work together so easily. Mosaic is not that difficult, you just have to make miles. Then you get the hang of it.


We didn’t do anything else last week – mosaics, mosaics and more mosaics

Roos is so “settled in” that she needs a few pictures and an explanation, and then she gets to work. Even the finishing touch is done – gluing edges on the spot, grouting, cleaning, tidying up. Is all part of it.

It’s not finished yet, as you can see, but we’ll be fine. It will be finished at the end of the month.

We will keep you posted.


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