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Rearing weather gods with São Mateus

It’s a 100 to 1. Same story every time. Set up the scaffolding, and it’s going to rain.

Especially now that São Matéus is approaching, the weather gods are very sensitive

I’m delirious, you say? No, the weather is regulated differently here than with you up north. Turned out so, because when we had set up the structure, because we’re going to continue with the large facade mosaic, it promptly started raining that night. Clockwork.

Rain, and thunder. I’ve never heard such a huge bang! It was right above us, I was shaking in my (half) sleep. Girlfriend Roos, a month here to recover from the hustle and bustle of combining work plus finishing writing a thesis: “I got out of bed to look, it seemed as if there were two storms, one a little further gone, and the other was right above us! Broes was very busy pulling out all the plugs.”

That’s good to hear, because I was way too sleepy to get it, and Roos, city kid, had never thought of it

It is very wise to pull all plugs if there is a thunderstorm in the area. With all those overhead lines it can happen that lightning strikes, and then you get a surge voltage that runs into the zillion Watts. Your devices do like a little power, but this is excessive, and it can destroy them.

It’s not the first time this has happened.

Not so much the thunder, but the scaffolding plus rain. It could also be because when we set up that frame, it usually stays there for a while. Mosaics don’t go that fast. Cleaning and repairing roofs also do not, painting walls the same, so the time factor could also be a reason. Although, weather gods are known for being erratic and unpredictable, with a sinister sense of humor.

The weather is also a thingy with São Matéus

September has traditionally always been a rainy month, just like April, but they haven’t kept to the agreements very much in recent years, those rearing weather gods. The vernacular says: The weather on the day of São Matéus is the weather of next winter.

So if it rains on São Matéus, you can expect a rainy winter. And when the sun shines, a sunny one. Variably cloudy with sun in between – you get the idea – is my preference. If it doesn’t get too cold (in a sunny winter you sometimes even have night frost), it doesn’t get too wet.

Usually there is truth in these folk wisdoms.

We’ll know more next Monday! In the meantime, let’s enjoy the sun – it’s now 30º with a clear blue sky, and see what the festivities have to offer. Last Thursday they were already busy building the stages in the center of Soure.

In fact, São Matéus is the apostle who wrote one of the Gospels of the New Testament, and he protects bookkeepers, accountants, the tax authorities and the city of Salerno in Italy.

How you combine all those things, I have no idea, but let’s assume it. That’s usually the best in matters of faith.


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