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Summer in Brasil

They’re going back. It’s enough. If you are born in the tropics, then even Portugal is cold!

They’re going to Brasil. Back to the summer of Brasil

For the carnaval of course, and for Christmas, visiting family and friends. It’s going to be summer there now. And tropical people don’t adapt that easily to more stern conditions. Autumn landed very early this year. In the 23 years I walk around in Portugal, I have never experienced the fall so early.

The weather is not the reason Fabio and Maris are going back for a few months though. Brasil is their home country, the mother land.

In March, they were stuck here, and they thought it was not the worst place to be stuck. I think they’re right. It was a good time with neighbour Frank, who barbecued the meat, while Maris cooked excellent food – and then ate together while watching the sun go down over the fields.

Maris makes excellent Brazilian food

You can’t complain about that.

Fabio could train karate on the Fairy Tale Terrace, or in the big room of the old bathhouse. So, the Brasilian winter went, and now that the portuguese winter is coming, they’re going to the summer again.

Fábio trains in the big room

Spring, summer, fall, summer. Not a bad life!

Fabio and Maris at the coast in Brasil

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