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Very different C-words for our bubble in 2021

Well… it’s really not to rub it in (again), or to secretly gloat, but we really had a nice New Year. I’ve already wished everyone a Happy New Year via Facebook and Whatsapp, but to be clear: I wish everyone a very good and healthy 2021!

We are comfortable in our bubble here

We all work from home, and from time to time we go to the supermarket with our masked faces. That is it.

Little chance of catching a C. And with a little luck, the C-risis will be a thing of the past in the coming year.

In Portugal they already started vaccinating on the 27th.

It will be a while before it’s our turn, but I have never been concerned about the inhabitants of the Termas. We are already somewhat isolated by nature, so avoiding contact with the outside world has never been a problem.

You can read in all newspapers, columns; in all TV programs you can see how bad it has been in the past year, so I’ll shut up about that. We have been lucky, with the people who have been there for a while, and with a wonderful supportive family.

All the more reason to have a relaxed game night on New Year’s Eve

We played Monopoly. The portuguese version, so that the newcomers have the chance to learn a little more Portuguese. (Curious: this version actually has mostly streets in Lisboa and Porto – only one in Braga, and one in Coimbra. As if there are no other beautiful portuguese towns, like Évora, Beja, Castelo Branco, Viseu, Caramulo, Ponte de Lima – just to name a few!)

The winner is not yet known. That will not happen too, because every average monopoly player knows that the game can go on for ever. We had agreed on a time limit, otherwise we would still be there now.

Now we are in the sun

Lovely! On December 31, it was bad weather, and around midnight it was raining cats and dogs. Surprisingly, there was a lot of fireworks. Much more than other years. Hopefully by now the evil spirits have all been chased away, which always has been the original purpose of all that noise.

Get lost, evil spirits! We would like the opposite of last year, please

Make us laugh, spirits of 2021 – a lot of joy, contentment and freedom of choice, please, this year!

Let’s create a chic year, with lots of champagne and caviar, which we settle unmasked at a charismatic cashier. That we can make a lot of capers during the carnival; that this catharsis was not in vain; that every ceremony may be accompanied by (appropriate) physical contact, chronic pleasure and chocolate. Just some things that come to mind.

Capice, evil spirits?

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