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Green is great, but abundance can be a challenge

Abundance in the veggie garden

We have a lot of leafy cabbage in the garden. And chard – I don’t even know what it’s called in Dutch nor in Portuguese. Broes gains his knowledge from English sites. Of course the obligatory zucchini, which is very blasé, and is pooping out flower after flower, zucchini after zucchini, so that we no longer know what to do with those things.

Everyone in our village starts laughing friendly and waving their hands defensively when we arrive with those courgettes and pumpkins

Broes offers zucchini and pumpkin to the girls

They’re cousins, zucchini and pumpkin – they compete in who’s doing the most. Beanplants are carelessly producing too, but that is appreciated. And you can easily freeze it.

The cucumberplants – another cousin – are the worriers in the family apparently. They start out really well, with a zest for life, but then they hit their glass ceiling. Apparently. They’re depressed from the moment they’re a bit conscious, and they never recover from it. Maybe we have to invent a kind of Prozac for cucumbers, and give them some Viagra to create nice straight fruit.

cucumber is a pain in the a...

I now have the routine to take green things out of the garden and cut them into small pieces to feed the chickens. Everyday cabbage with zucchini will get boring.

If you have a plan to start a veggie garden, watch what you do! Zucchini is a generous auntie but pushes everyone out of her way, and cucumber is a demanding melancholy whine. So you know

Fortunately, we have the Brazilians as guests. Maris is a great cook, even creative with zucchini. Fortunately, you can do much more than ever with those things, but it’s still a challenge for your inventiveness. Zucchini as pasta – what is it called again? Zoodles. Broes just came in, and he knows that. Lasagna “sheets”, layers in your moussaka – everything that has to do with carbohydrates can be replaced by zucchini.

You can make soup of course; you can cut them and hollow them out with a tasty filling and cheese over them; as slices with some spices baked in the skillet; and you can make cake or pie with it.

That is Higher Education. I don’t master that, but I learn a lot from Maris.

Here is a link to a recipe for a pizza with a zucchini base:


We’re going to try tonight! Keep you posted.

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