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Painted in a corner

I’ve had that experience, yes, that I painted myself in a corner. Once even literally, but in my defense, then I was very young, and there was no one around to warn me. You’ll figure it out, sure, but it takes some footprints on your with sweat and tears freshly applied new paint. (And I …

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Foreigners are not allowed to choose in Portugal

Today is the day of the elections for the “Assembleia da República” – the Portuguese parliament. As a foreigner you are not allowed to participate As a foreigner/resident you can vote in municipal elections, which is much more comprehensive than just the municipal council. That layer of government is much thicker here, because it is …

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We live in injury time

Anything could have happened… but the reality was a bit silly. With jobs you can get all kinds of injuries Fortunately, we’ve established a few ground rules – a longlong time ago – the first of which is: never climb a ladder alone, and use all tools for their intended purpose.I owe the latter to …

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