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Donkeydog and Viagra The new dog, Mira, makes us walk every day. Very healthy habit. A walk a day keeps the doctor away. New dog?? What?? Has Donkeydog gone to a better place?No no, she’s busy doubling up, but she’s still alive. She doesn’t run as fast anymore, because she’s already 93, and a parasite […]

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Wild mushrooms

Beautiful weather here, dear readers … it is blue, sunny and warm. And humid, because we landed in the humid half year of the year. Great weather for mushrooms! You see them everywhere. Then here, then there. Sometimes they are gone within a day. By themselves, then their life is over, or somebody spotted and

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A German wave

His wife is standing in front of me in the hall in front of the bathhouse, telling us about their adventures on the beach the last day, and the shenanigans of the water. He is leisurely leaning against the door, with a face that shows little expression, but you can feel that he enjoys the

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