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Hiking to Fatima

“Well, this is really worth the detour,” Yvonne says appreciatively, “I’m glad I followed Henriëtte’s recommendation. Nice to have a room all to myself for a few nights. Take a break.” Yvonne walks the pilgrimage route to Fátima, with stamp booklet and al She has already done the road to Santiago de Compostela. “It’s getting …

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Lost volunteer

“There were a lot of winding roads, with beautiful views!” says the mother of Ylva radiantly, and Ylva herself translates: “We were lost. The GPS said we were already there, but we were not. And I didn’t recognize it anymore, close to here … how do you say that again … Pudrògauwng? ” “Very well, …

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The Flintstone Method

“¡Mira, Ellen! ¡Nos está yendo tan bien!”, Raquel shouts at me laughingly as I watch them, filming from my sewing studio on the first floor. My back sometimes doesn’t want to participate very much, and besides: there is no room. These stones are heavy, but not so big. The three of them will succeed. They are …

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