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Game field

We are very excited about making the playground! I can already see it: a few teenagers playing volleyball with the accompanying cheering; a father who shows his daughter how to golf; Broes teaching someone how to handle a bow and arrow. And behind that, a few children are busy building a hut and dressing it […]

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The art of watching

“No, you do not do anything at all! We’re going to do it the traditional way”  I say cheerfully because my maintenance problem is solved – anyway in theory, “You’re there to supervise, I’m there to lend a hand, Kors is there to look at it and to comment. and Broes does the job.” We both

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Mosaic queen Astrid

“Yes, that one is still the best”, Astrid concludes and points to the earlier train. We have talked about it extensively and counted back: 2 0’clock flying, arrive an hour before departure (it’s January, not crowded, no endless queues at customs – right?), 1 hour by subway … She’s here for a week, but now

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