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Messy week with football

It was a tough choice this week – which topic should I choose? All sorts of things happened, and you can’t throw everything in there. Nobody understands that anymore. And also: is it all interesting? Difficult, difficult … It’s great that another cactus has beautiful flowers again, but is that interesting enough to mention? What …

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They return voluntarily

“I think portuguese sounds so good,” says Tim cheerfully as I try to avoid a few dogs scurrying along the road, “I don’t understand a word of it, but it sounds good, and that gives me a great holiday feeling.” He continues: “I first heard it from my aunt’s friend, she met them in Brazil …

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Multi-talented volunteers

Statistically we’ve had a lot of (multi-)talented volunteers and guests. They’re probably attracted by all the eye-candy that has been created over the years. The first time Bruno came, it was an exciting event, since I already had a group of four young girls around. They came from all over, Germany, Canada, France and Hungary. …

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