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Track and trace

My back is killing me. Everything we do at the moment is lift and bend over, bend over and lift. We’re making an archery track – I already see it all ready, but unfortunately you can’t photoshop reality. So: bend over and lift, lift and bend over. Imagine, it would be so great: just click

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The Flintstone Method

“¡Mira, Ellen! ¡Nos está yendo tan bien!”, Raquel shouts at me laughingly as I watch them, filming from my sewing studio on the first floor. My back sometimes doesn’t want to participate very much, and besides: there is no room. These stones are heavy, but not so big. The three of them will succeed. They are

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Country life

It comes to me when I’m in bed in the evening. I can’t help it, the images are coming. They must have been incredibly scared. First transferred to a strange environment, where everything is different from what you’re used to. Country life instead of living in a huge shed. Better, but very different. Running outside

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Butterfly garden

“Oh, it’s just a bag of flower seeds … “said my brother while showing a colorful bag,” it’s a butterfly blend – so it attracts butterflies and bees. You could have a butterfly garden. Nice isn’t it?” “Well, sow it in the village square garden, who knows maybe something nice comes out of it”, I

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A fiery year

When I went outside yesterday the horizon was a red glow. And not very far away, on the other side of the valley and then a little further …. by my estimate Figueira da Foz. It’s only 12 km as the crow flies. There is a large dune area there with a lot of flammable

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